Tessa 4 Drawer Tallboy

Product Code: BDTESSACGR528

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Tessa - fabric bed's best friend!

Its brushed grey finish makes Tessa a great companion for either a light or dark fabric bed. Beautifully assembled metal handles create that elegant look.

Made from Acacia also known as "wattles" in Australia. Acacia is a  moderately heavy and dense wood and is renowned for its long term durability. Its interesting variable grain patterns brings out its rustic elegant look.
  • Acacia Timber and featuring metal Handles
  • Tough and solid design structure for a sturdy and well-supported structure
  • Primarily for pleasure for you, your family and guests, live the dream!
Technical Specifications
Height (m) 1.0500
Length (m) 1.0000
Width (m) 0.4000
Weight (Kg) 0.0000

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